Acupaq launch swiftTape, a new custom carrier tape produced and shipped in just 5 days

Acupaq’s swiftTape offers electronic component manufacturers, SATS and CEMS the ability to have carrier tape requirements met within a timeframe of 5 days, including new design tapes and regardless of global location of the customer.

swiftTape has been designed in order to eradicate the need for high value tooling, long lead times, unreasonable minimum order quantities and expedited shipping costs. Instead, swiftTape utilises a unique tooling method that enables rapid production of carrier tape, with or without pocket topography and to the same exacting standards as ‘traditional’ carrier tape processes.

swiftTape is manufactured to precise dimensions, benefits from extremely tight tolerance controls, meets all relevant industry standards and has every pocket inspected using high definition vision equipment. swiftTape is produced using tri-laminate conductive polystyrene material offering excellent protection to static sensitive devices and in various thicknesses appropriate to the pocket design.