August 19, 2010 Acupaq introduce new semi automatic splice tool

Acupaq has announced the addition of a new semi automatic splice tool to the existing range of splice tapes and tools. As opposed to conventional hand tools, which hold individual shims, the new stapler design tool takes a bandolier type shim and with 20 shims per sheet, there is an immediate increase in production line […]

August 19, 2010 Acupaq join Twitter

Please visit Acupaq on Twitter to learn of our latest developments.

August 19, 2010 Peel Packaging for IC’s Provide Multiple Benefits

Courtesy of An innovative and ‘unique’ peel packaging solution for integrated circuits (ICs) designed to benefit its customers worldwide has been announced by Farnell. Peel packaging offers complete protection to each individual component in transit, storage and handling by placing them within a protective, recyclable and biodegradable plastic cell which is then sealed with […]