Swift Carrier Tape

Carrier Tape

swiftTape is Acupaq’s own brand carrier tape, predominantly for low volume, quick turnaround requirements. swiftTape utilises a proprietary process that creates the capability to produce over 1.4 million pocket sizes without the need for tooling. With rapid set up times, your swiftTape could be leaving our facility within 24 hours.

swiftTape is capable of producing any pocket size from 4mm x 4mm to 46mm x 46mm on 12mm to 56mm wide carrier tape. Pocket depths of 2mm to 5.6mm (in increments of 0.4mm) are available. Due to the nature of this process, swiftTape is available in 3 service levels:

Bespoke Carrier Tape

Platinum – Ready to ship orders up to 10,000 pockets within 3 days
Gold – Ready to ship orders up to 10,000 pockets within 5 days
Silver – Ready to ship orders up to 10,000 pockets within 10 days

swiftTape is constantly evolving with greater capability that is extending the range of pocket sizes and designs that can be produced.

swiftTape Material Properties
The values presented for this product are typical laboratory data and may be changed without notice.

Properties Typical Value Test Method / Standard
Specific Gravity 1.06g/cc ASTM D-792
Tear Strength LD 0.53 lb
TD 0.61 lb
ASTM D-1938 [4]
Elongation LD 65%
TD 14%
ASTM D-882 [5]
Tensile Strength LD 6575 psi
TD 6445 psi
ASTM D-882 [5]
Vicat Softening 107°C
ASTM D-1525
Surface Resistivity <1012 > 105 ohms/square ASTM D-257
Standard Thickness
(Other thicknesses available)
Type C – 0.30mm
Type X – 0.35mm

Example of swiftTape Carrier Tape Drawing

Ordering Information
While our online ordering facility is in it’s final phase of implementation, please contact your Acupaq representative or e-mail info@acupaq.com in order to enter your order. We will need pocket dimensions, quantity and whether a 22” or 13” reel is required. Acupaq will then send you a proof drawing. When you are happy with the proof drawing, we ask you to sign and return. Your order will be ready to ship within a maximum of 10 working days from receipt of the signed proof and an official purchase order (a slight delay may be applicable if a new account is required).

Acupaq is also making the equipment available for purchase by those wishing to produce their own tapes. If this is of interest, please contact info@acupaq.com and we shall respond immediately to your enquiry.

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