Bare Die Carrier Tape

side-bare-dieThe Customer
Global semiconductor company with operations in more than 25 countries and revenue of $4.2 billion.

Case Background: The customer has significant focus on the automotive industry that has increasing hunger to make vehicles safer and more efficient. With this has come the need for a higher concentration of technology within the vehicle. Of course, as with other products, space constraints paired with energy efficiencies mean that less and less space is available within the vehicle. As a result, the use of bare die is becoming very common within the components manufactured for use in the automotive industry.

The Challenge
The customer requires a packaging medium that can offer the following benefits:

  • Efficient and automated packaging of die at point of manufacture.
  • Protection of die in transit from both physical and electrostatic damage.
  • Enable automated insertion at point of use by system manufacturer.

Acupaq developed a carrier tape solution that addressed the above challenges, and has enabled the customer to make a 100% switch to our materials. An ESD safe polycarbonate material was chosen as the raw material in order to create an ESD safe environment for the die, while reducing stretch possibility on the automated equipment. The carrier tape pockets are formed utilising a system that creates pockets with near vertical sidewall draft angles, raised ‘lips’ (‘T’ zones) and tolerances down to +/- 0.05mm. All of these factors ensure:

  • Die rotation is well within EIA standards
  • Die migration is prevented
  • Die movement within the pocket is restricted

In addition, the use of a heat seal cover tape with highly consistent adhesion, excellent clarity and smooth, light refracting adhesive improves the overall protection of the die while enabling in-pocket inspection of the component.

This combined solution has enabled the customer to switch from a punched, bottomless carrier with a flexible PSA base, to a carrier tape that creates automation, precision and protection for the customer’s bare die.

For more information on bare die carrier tape, or any of Acupaq’s component packaging solutions please contact us.

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