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Acupaq are worldwide leaders in the manufacture and supply of electronic component processing & carrier tape, offering a total solution to the electronics, semiconductor, component distribution, automotive & biomedical industries. Our product range includes tape and reel, JEDEC trays, component tubes, static shielding bags, moisture barrier bags & wafer dicing materials.

swiftTape is Acupaq’s own brand carrier tape, for low volume, quick turnaround requirements. swiftTape has the capability to produce over 1.4 million pocket sizes without the need for tooling. With rapid set up times, your swiftTape has the capacity to leave our facility within 24 hours.

Visit our Carrier Tape section to find out more about the product and read our case study on how we enabled a global solution that saved time and tooling costs.

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Production Packaging
Production Packaging

Acupaq produces industry standard packaging solutions to for protection in transit & storage. This protective packaging can be customised for your needs.

Bare Die Carrier Tape
Bare Die Carrier Tape

Bare die carrier tape is made from an anti static polycarbonate. This carrier tape allows for protection, precision & automation.

Swift Carrier Tape
SwiftTape Carrier Tape

Swifttape is Acupaq's own brand of carrier tape. This IC tape was developed to eliminate long lead times & allows for smaller volumes to be purchased.