SwiftTape Carrier Tape

side-swift-tapeThe Customer
Acupaq’s customer base with component distribution, prototyping, SATS or EMS activities.

The Challenge
As large scale carrier tape manufacturing followed the semiconductor industry shift to Asia, the “local” support infrastructure were left with supply challenges. This became further apparent as volume requirement reduced leaving customers with the challenge of absorbing long lead times, high minimum order quantities, tooling charges and shipping costs.

The Brief
Acupaq embarked on a project to create a process that would eliminate all our customers purchasing barriers, enabling rapid, small to medium volume tape production without tooling charges and high shipping costs.

The Solution
Drawing on our experience in carrier tape manufacture, Acupaq developed a rapid manufacturing process utilising our proprietary engineering techniques. This process is named swiftTape.

The Benefits

  • Reduced lead times from weeks to days.
  • Eliminated tooling costs.
  • Enabled purchase of small to medium volumes locally.
  • Create a portable solution that could be installed anywhere globally.
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