swiftTape Carrier Tape – Pocket Depths to 32mm For Connector and Metal Stamping Industries

Acupaq is delighted to announce that swiftTape carrier tape is now available in deep pocket depths of up to 32mm. In order to meet the growing demand from our customers in industries such as connectors and metal stamping, Acupaq has been successful in engineering pockets with topography that create rigidity while maintaining component integrity.

Utilising engineering expertise in tool design and materials, Acupaq is able to ensure tool accuracy to +/- 0.0025mm. This ability, combined with extensive material studies, enables swiftTape carrier tape production of pockets that will not degrade. swiftTape offers the same rigidity and component protection as seen with shallower components in ‘standard’ pocket depths.

Carrier tape remains the industry preferred method of preparing devices for automatic insertion and assembly. This breakthrough in manufacturing capability offers connector and metal stamping industries the ability to reduce cost and offer uniform packaging methods across their product range.

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