Automation Trays

Product protection, improved ergonomics, reduction of solid waste, and efficient interface with material handling processes are key reasons why manufacturers are moving away from disposable packaging. Our custom thermoformed automation trays perform flawlessly in robotic assembly-lines, they can be pre-engineered in a variety of exterior sizes, with nests designed for the specific part or part family.

Extremely high part positioning precision and automation-compatible pallet design are key factors for flawless insertion and removal by robots. We also understand the importance of protecting and safeguarding your components. We design and develop tray systems that satisfy the requirements of automated material flows and take efficiency considerations into account according to your needs.

Our automation trays, carriers, containers, plastic cases and plastic trays are custom designed for:

  • Interfacing in your specific automation equipment or in standard JEDEC (Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council) tray handlers and processing equipment.
  • Enhancing rapid product flow through multiple fabrication steps
  • Extreme tolerance
  • Maximum product protection
  • Extreme ease-of-use

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