Desiccant – Acticated Clay Bags

Activated clay bags are made from Bentonite clay, which is a naturally occurring mineral unlike our other synthetic desiccants, making it more economical. At 20% RH, these desiccants will absorb 50% more moisture than is required by industry standards, unlike silica gel which will only absorb 3% more.

These desiccants will maintain this level of RH while also preventing rust, mildew and corrosion damage inside a waterproof and moisture vapour-proof container.

Product Code Unit Size of bag
(US Standard)
Nominal Desiccant
Content (g)
Nominal Dimensions
(mm) – W x L
Pack Size
ANTAC/D001100 1/6U 5.5 60 X 60 1500
ANTAC/D002100 1/3U 11.5 90 X 60 1000
ANTAC/D003100 1/2U 17.5 80 X 65 500
ANTAC/D004100 1U 35 100 X 65 300
ANTAC/D005100 2U 70 115 X 85 200
ANTAC/D006100 4U 140 155 X 85 100
ANTAC/D007100 8U 280 150 X 145 50
ANTAC/D008100 16U 565 260 X 145 30
ANTAC/D009100 32U 1120 265 X 200 15

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