Humidity Indicator Card – Cobalt-Dichloride Free

These HICs are Cobalt-Dichloride (CoCLâ‚‚) free allowing them to be used as regular HICs without the limitations caused by the chemical regulations under the European Chemical Bureau (ECB) REACH directives. They are as effective and accurate as HICs that contain the chemical so do not give a second rate reading. Some companies desire the used of HICs that are Cobalt-Dichloride Free for their moisture sensitive products, which include: semiconductors, electronics, optics, radar and various defense systems.


  • Fully compliant with JEDEC standard J-STD-033B by providing a verifiable colour-change accuracy
  • Free of Cobalt-Dichloride meaning it does not need to comply with the Cobalt-Dichloride chemical classification and labeling requirements under the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) REACH directives
  • Meets all relevant labeling requirements under the ECB / REACH
  • Offer superior protection, especially when used with our desiccants and moisture barrier bags
  • Constructed from moisture-sensitive blotting paper
  • All HICs are shipped in air tight tin containers to prevent from being exposed to moisture

Typical Applications:

  • Dry packaging of semiconductor and electronic devices
Indication at: 2% RH Environment: 5% RH Environment: 10% RH Environment: 60% RH Environment: 65% RH Environment:
5% Spot Blue (Dry) Lavender (Spot Value) Pink (Wet) Pink (Wet) Pink (Wet)
10% Spot Blue (Dry) Blue (Dry) Lavender (Spot Value) Pink (Wet) Pink (Wet)
60% Spot Blue (Dry) Blue (Dry) Blue (Dry) Lavender (Spot Value) Pink (Wet)


Product Code Description Indicates (%RH) Size (inch) Pack Size
ANT051060-CDF 3 spot HIC- Cobalt-Dichloride Free 5, 10, 60 2 x 3 125
ANT051015-CDF 3 spot HIC- Cobalt-Dichloride Free 5, 10, 15 2 x 3 125
ANT826004NE-CDF 6 spot HIC- Cobalt-Dichloride Free 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 2 x 3 125
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