Humidity Indicator Cards

Humidity Indicating Cards (HIC) are a low cost method of indicating humidity conditions in vacuum sealed moisture barrier bags containing packaged devices. Used in conjunction with desiccant, humidity indicator cards offer an immediate visual verification of product integrity. These indicator cards contain 'spots' that change from blue to pink depending on the level of moisture present (blue to pink as humidity increases and pink to blue as humidity decreases). Our HICs:

  • Meet MIL-I-8835 and MIL-P-116 MTH II and JEDEC Standards
  • Cobalt Dichloride Free versions available that comply with ECB REACH directives
  • Offer superior protection, especially when used with desiccants and moisture barrier bags
Construction Humidity Indicator Cards are constructed of a moisture-sensitive blotting paper. Configurations We offers several versions of Humidity Indicator Cards. The number of indicator spots on the HIC varies, depending upon the range of humidity to be measured. The product is shipped in airtight tins to prevent exposure to moisture. Shelf Life and Storage Depending on the product, HICs are recommended for use within 12 or 24 months of manufacture. They should be stored in the original packaging in a climate-controlled environment where temperature ranges from 20°C +/- 16°C (68°F +/- 61°F) and relative humidity is 50% +/- 30%. Exceeding these recommended storage conditions could result in inconsistent product performance. Properties The values presented for this product are typical laboratory data and may be changed without notice. "-CDF" = Cobalt Dichloride Free

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