13″ HIPS Regrind Packaging Reels LOKREEL®

Component Packaging

LOKREEL® component packaging reels are ideal for shipment and storage of any component packaged in carrier tape. For this product, we utilise a blend of virgin and regrind high impact polystyrene (HIPS) material that offers high quality and exceptional protection at a reduced price.

  • Shipped in halves to reduce shipping costs up to 70%
  • “Nest-stacked” high-density packing decreases needed storage space by as much as 60% when compared with the single-molded assembled reel
  • Halves configuration offers flexibility in managing the different reel widths needed during production—from 8mm to 56mm
  • Reels assemble with simple twisting motion, requiring no gluing or fasteners (Note: this reel is not designed to be unsnapped)

LOKREEL® Pros have an outside diameter of 13″ (330mm) and a 1/2″ (13mm) diameter arbor hole. Reel halves are available in a variety of hub diameters and hub widths. Hub diameters include the standard 4″ (102mm) hub suitable for most carrier tapes and the 7″ (178mm) hub designed to protect devices contained in deep pocket and narrow pitch carrier tapes. Available hub widths include 4mm, 8mm, 16mm and 28mm. Any combination of these hub widths will combine to produce a reel for EIA standard carrier tape widths of 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 44 and 56mm. The table demonstrates LOKREEL® Pro half combinations and the reel widths they produce.

Reel Width (mm) LOKREEL® Pro Flange Combinations
8 4 + 4mm
12 4 + 8mm
16 8 + 8mm
24 8 + 16mm
32 16 + 16mm
44 16 + 28mm
56 28 + 28mm

Shelf Life and Storage
We recommend that HIPS Regrind LOKREEL® reels be used within two years from the date of manufacture. Store this product in its original packaging in a climate-controlled environment where temperature ranges from 21° C +/- 17°C (70°F +/- 30°F). Allow the product to stabilize at room temperature prior to use. The mechanical integrity of the product is not affected by humidity.

Antistatic LOKREEL® Properties
Note: The values presented for this product are typical laboratory data and may be changed without notice. Re-use of this product may degrade the antistatic properties.

Property Typical Value Test Method / Standard
Tensile Strength 3,900 PSI ASTM D-638
Elongation 45% ASTM D-638
Flexural Modulus 280,000 PSI ASTM D-790
Vicat Softening 85°C (185°F) ASTM D-1525
Specific Gravity 1.04 g/cc ASTM D-892
Surface Resistivity (Antistatic) ≤1011 ohms/square ASTM D 257 Static Dissipative per EIA 541
Colour Blue N/A


Hub Width 4″ Diameter Hub 7″ Diameter Hub
4mm RD33004RB
8mm RD33008RB RD33708RB
16mm RD33016RB RD33716RB
28mm RD33028RB RD33728RB
Download PDF spec sheet of this product here
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