Ultraviolet / Laser Dicing Tape ProFilm DL260I

Wafer Dicing Tape

ProFilm™ DL260I Ultraviolet Dicing Tape is designed for use with water jet guided laser dicing systems. This special porous tape is constructed of a chloride-free base film and is wound with a release liner to protect the adhesive layer. ProFilm™ DL260I is nonexpendable and UV curable, providing excellent surface protection, positive wafer and die adhesion and leaves no residue upon removal. These features combine to help contribute to consistent, precise and repeatable wafer production yields.

  • Special non-expandable woven polyethylene taraphalate (PET) base film for unparalleled protection
  • Coated with stable UV curable pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive
  • Easy die removal post ultraviolet light exposure (cure)
  • Substrate minimises or eliminates die rocking and other picking defects

ProFilm™ DL2601 is constructed in four layers:

  • PET Woven Fabric 40.0μ (1.6 mls)
  • Adhesive 25.0μ (1.0 mils)
  • Release Film 22.0μ (0.92 mils)
  • Thickness w/o Release Liner 65.0μ (2.6 mils)

ProFilm™ DL260I is available in a variety of configurations. Rolls are 100mm in length, splice-free, and wound on a 3” (75mm) I.D. plastic core. Both custom widths and lengths may be available by special request. ProFilm™ DL260I Ultraviolet Dicing Tape rolls are delivered in a UV blocking polybag and individually boxed.

Shelf Life and Storage
ProFilm™ DL260I Ultraviolet Laser Dicing Tapes should be stored in a climate controlled environment where conditions do not exceed 25°C (75°F). This product is sensitive to UV light, so keep away from heat and direct sunlight. If stored as recommended the product will yield a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture found on the core label and ensure maximum service life of the product.

ProFilm DL260l Material Properties
* Bond Test on Stainless Steel Wafer at 180° peel angle and 300mm/min peel and stretching speed. The values presented for this product are typical laboratory data and may be changed without notice.

Property Typical Value Test Method / Standard
Adhesive Strength 1 Before UV 200 gms
After UV 20 gms
ASM D 1000
Bone Test Mirror Polished Silicon Wafer
UV Exposure 500 mJ/cm2
(recommended UV exposure)
Peel Angle 180°
Peel & Stretching Speed 300 mm/min.
Download PDF spec sheet of this product here

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